Families Working Group

The Families Working Group identified four focus areas that should be addressed in order to empower youth and families involved in the juvenile justice system. These focus areas represent current barriers for families to effectively engage with the system as it exists today.

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Prevention Working Group

The goal of our working group is to prevent youth from entering and re-entering the justice system. To do so, we will act to increase earlier recognition of at-risk youth and families, knowledge of how to best serve youth and their families, and access to needed supports and services.

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Schools Working Group

Schools and their community partners can play an important role in preventing youth from entering the juvenile justice system, and in helping them achieve long-term success after system involvement. Today, schools can serve as an entry point for many youth into juvenile justice.

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The December Steering Committee meeting has been cancelled. The next meeting will be held January 18, 2018.

What Principles Guide our Effort?

Operation Youth Success will:

  • Foster a culture of trusting collaboration and will be ready to engage in open, honest and respectful debate
  • Commit to learning and knowledge sharing, always keeping an open mind and a willingness to be vulnerable
  • Commit to building on the success of existing local efforts rather than trying to reinvent the wheel
  • Agree that upholding and honoring youth dignity should be at the forefront of our juvenile justice system
  • Support equity for minority youth in our system and remain vigilant of disproportionate contact
  • Believe that our system can and should change the life trajectories of youth in the system for the better
Knowledge Exchange and The Juvenile Justice & Provider Forum Information

2017-2018 Douglas County Juvenile Justice Community Based Aid

FY2017 Douglas County Recommendations

Community-Based Juvenile Service Aid (Community Based Aid)

Distribution of Community-Based Juvenile Services Aid Policy & Procedures Community Based Aid Application

**This application is subject to revisions based on the review processes conducted by the Nebraska Crime Commission.

Juvenile Services Grant Funds are state funds appropriated by the Nebraska Legislature and administered by the Nebraska Crime Commission.  Availability of funds is announced on an annual basis and applications are accepted through a competitive grant process.

The purpose of these funds, as outlined in state statute, is to assist communities in the implementation and operation of programs or services identified in their comprehensive juvenile services plan, including but not limited to:  programs for assessment and evaluation, the prevention of delinquent behavior, diversion, detention, shelter care, intensive juvenile probation services, restitution, family support services, and community centers for the care and treatment of juveniles in need of services.  The Nebraska Coalition for Juvenile Justice in conjunction with the Crime Commission develops a Three Year Plan for all juvenile justice grant funds.  Juvenile Services dollars are generally prioritized based on the needs identified in this Three Year Plan.

For more information, please visit the Nebraska Crime Commission at http://ncc.nebraska.gov/grants

Juvenile Justice System Analysis