Our Mission

To engage, guide and empower Douglas County youth and families to achieve positive outcomes within the child welfare and juvenile justice systems through community partnerships designed to offer unique and innovative opportunities to decrease further system involvement.


Our Vision

To provide a unique and innovative way to give families a greater voice in decisions affecting their lives and to decrease further involvement in the Juvenile justice system.


Our Goals

  • Ensure greater youth and family involvement
  • Collaborate with community partners
  • Focus on family strengths and improve system accountability
  • Engage and collaborate with youth, family and stakeholders
  • Identify system gaps and barriers


What We Know About Child Abuse & Neglect as a Risk Factor for Delinquency

  • Increased likelihood of arrest as a juvenile by 55% and for a violent crime as a juvenile by 96%
  • Increased likelihood of arrest as an adult by 28% and for a violent crime as an adult by 30%
  • Increased the odds of future delinquency and adult criminality overall by 29%

Dual Status or Crossover Youth

  • Are often in the child welfare system for long periods of time.
  • Are more likely to be female as compared of the general delinquency population.
  • Minorities, particularly African Americans, appear to be over represented.
  • Most are placed out of the home and often experience multiple placements.
  • Are often truant and/or performing poorly in school.
  • Over half are detained prior to adjudication.
  • Have higher rates of substance abuse and mental illness
  • Have higher recidivism rates
  • Have higher rates of criminal involvement as adults
  • Have higher rates of child welfare involvement as parents/perpetrators of maltreatment

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Youth Impact! will officially begin its fourth year this coming November. Since its inception, there have been a total of 536 youth [47% female and 53% male] identified as dual status. This statistical data below is all about the past three years worth of data, who we worked with and what were the outcomes.

CYPM Juvenile Justice Assoc Fact Sheet